Wherever you go, you can’t get rid of yourself.
— Polish proverb

© Miko Abrina || Palaui Island, Sta. Ana, Cagayan, PHILIPPINES


Feb25’15 ||


Deep Sea Wander © Oka Espenilla || Apo Reef Sanctuary, Occidental Mindoro, PHILIPPINES


People keep asking me why I love freediving, and until now I still hesitate to answer.
You see, no matter how good you get at it, the ocean will always be deep enough to swallow your pride. No matter how big your struggle is down there, it will never amount to the vastness of the sea. I feel the most alive when I am deprived of the very thing I need to live; the most significant when I am but a drop in the ocean.
But how can I even begin to make people who’ve never done it understand that without me sounding mad?

Jan06’15 || 2015 (part 2)

I’m skipping out on the New Year’s Resolution post this year but I will give you this:

If you didn’t catch that last January, 2014’s theme for me was Courage.

Courage to make bold decisions, to try out new things and potentially fail, to reflect on my One Thing in life and make the necessary wrinkles in the time-space continuum to get a step closer to it. Courage as well, to live with the fact that sometimes I cannot make wrinkles where there shouldn’t be. I think I stuck to it to the end 🙂

This year’s theme is going to be Patience and Perseverance.

Patience to wait for the seeds I sowed when my courage was running high last year.
Perseverance, well. That would be reserved for the toughest parts that are yet to come this year.
And I know they are a-coming.

Bring it on, 2015! You are gonna be one hell of an adventure.

With that, I wish you all well, as Oka and I will be leaving tomorrow for our research expedition (it’s not really ours, we’re just volunteers, but I say that so it sounds cooler than it is.). Wish us luck! ❤